Simplifying Payments

Even a standard golf tour has a lot of elements involved and each one of these need paid for. One of the benefits of booking through a tour operator is a simplified normally single payment to cover all of the constituent parts.

The staff in all of the offices of SIGTOA members know the ins and outs of reserving tee times and rooms at all the clubs and golf hotels across the country. Some need full payment in advance, others a deposit and balances paid six weeks out! You could end up having twenty or more individual payments to make and you still may come across courses or accommodations that don't accept credit cards.

SIGTOA members make it simple with consistent and logical payment terms for packages and tours to suit your preferred method.

Different members may offer different services but you can expect the following as standard

  • Payment Methods to suit you
  • Single or simple invoicing procedures
  • Easy to understand deposits and balances
  • Clear explanations of inclusions and exclusions

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