Scotland's Golf Areas

Scotland may not appear the biggest country on the globe when viewing it through the eyes of Google Maps but when you only have a few days or a couple of weeks it is important that you receive good advice about what is and isn't possible.

The map may indeed say that it is only 100 miles from The Old Course to Royal Troon but don't plan on doing that at a steady 60 miles per hour! Your tour operator understands the logistics of moving groups and individuals around Scotland and will build an itinerary that works for you and actually allows for some sleep in between too!

Golf in Scotland has tended to be broken down into different areas for marketing purposes but there's always been some overlap and differences here. So whilst these areas are okay for now, individual tour operators have different ideas and naming of regions  

However the one thing that is clear, whatever your destination or destinations of choice may be you are NEVER far from quality golfing experiences that will live with you forever.