Making Travel More Smooth

There are some who revel in the world of independent travel and booking international flights, connecting transfers, confirming excess baggage, arranging the right size of vehicle hire or coach transfers and printing out Google Maps. 

But for those who aren't programmed that way there is always a Scottish Golf Tour Operator to help you through the logistics of getting to and around Scotland.

Travelling to Scotland

SIGTOA members handle reservations from golfers and agents the world over so understand the nuances of international hubs, arrival and transfer points and the additional difficulties associated with golf luggage. Some may be able to book incoming flight but most of the time they will advise on best routes.

Your advisor will use their considerable to plan routes, self drive car hire, chauffeur mini vans and full size luxury coach travel. Operators can arrange "meet and greet" at your point of arrival to give you increased piece of mind to ensure you start your holiday in the most relaxed frame of mind possible.

Travelling around Scotland

One of the best things about Scotland is the travel. With the number of links courses and wonderful locations of the top courses you will be blessed with incredible scenery at almost every turn.

However it is all too easy to miss a tee time with a miscalculation of travel times between two destinations that look so close. Having a tour operator who understands the routes, the traffic black spots and the accurate travel times can save you more than money, it can save your holiday.

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